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When will my business become profitable?

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When will my business become profitable?

budgetdeck startup investor VC BE anioł biznesu

But how to understand calculated indicators?

Calculated indicators include: Investments, BEP, NPV i IRR.

budgetdeck startup investor VC BE anioł biznesu


Investments is the amount of investment that you need in order to launch your startup. It is the value of money that Your business needs right from the beginning until the moment of reaching the break-even point, which is a moment when your startup maintains on its own. Therefore, remember! The amount of the investment that you request with the investor is not the sum of Your yearly, two years or three years costs.

Why do we calculate it?
In order to set up a business you need a certain amount of money to start with. Thanks to this you will create a beta version of the project or you will make an advert on AdWords, which will help you with gaining clients. This is the amount of the investment! Besides, if you are thinking about funding Your startup through the investment fund, this is the first question that you will hear from the investor.


Break-even Point is the point of crossing where the income covers entire expenditure. This means that Your business balances: it does not make profits or loss.

Why do we calculate it?
First of all, if you know that your break-even point is e.g. in the 14th month, this means that from the 15th day of the month Your business makes money and you finally make profit, the period from the first month of running the project until the month when you reach your break-even point defines the length of the runway of your startup. Your business has to take off then and start to independently maintain from the revenues from customers. After this period the money from the investor finishes and you have to significantly cut the costs or start to look for other funds.


Net Present Value - NPV in simple terms is Your income after deducting all costs, invested money at the beginning and including the change of the value of money in time.

Why do we calculate it?
Surely everyone wants to know how much he will earn in his business activity and whether it is worth starting it at all?


Internal Rate of Return is an indicator that says about the project profitability.

Why do we calculate it?
If your IRR indicator shows e.g. 65%, this means that you can take the investment loan, which bears an interest of 15% and your business will still be profitable. Apart from showing you the amount of credit interest, the IRR may also help you which idea for the startup will be more profitable, or which of your business models will be more profitable.

budgetdeck startup investor VC BE anioł biznesu

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