Do you want to increase your chances for a successful business and gaining an investor and you do not have a specialist knowledge on finances?

Now you know why you need Budgetdeck!

What does Budgetdeck help me with?

Thanks to Budgetdeck you will create a professional deck which you can send to an investor. Not only you will show him that you thought your business through, but also you show him that he is financially “tight” and the investment in Your startup is really profitable.

Why is Budgetdeck on one sheet of paper?

We are interested in the idea of Lean Startup as well as in the presentation of the business concept through Lean Canvas. In present times sending a multi-page business plan with the startup concept to the investor is almost a faux pas. Similar situation is with the financial projection. We simplified an old, worn-out Excel to a light and nice form. We managed to place five most important from the perspective of an investor indicators and financial values. This is how a Budgetdeck was created – lean canvas for finances.

Why to create the financial prognosis?

Creation of the financial prognosis forces you to consider all key aspects of company’s activity and answering the questions: What costs will I incur? What revenues will I gain? Are they big enough to cover the expenses? When will my startup achieve viability? Is my business attractive for an investor? In simplified terms: Is my business financially „tight”

Financial analysis vs. Budgetdeck

Analysis and financial prognosis is a powerful excel, which usually is created in a further stage of the investment process and during several talks with mentors and investors. Budgetdeck is a supplement for Your Deck that you send to an investor. It is a detailed analysis of Your startup. It is placed on one sheet of paper which allows: the investor to familiarize with financial assumptions of Your project.

Can I send the financial prognosis instead the Budgetdeck?

Certainly. This is as if you send at the beginning the business plan on 50 pages and tell the investor to carefully read it.

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