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We create and develop the simples system of financial analyses for your startup.

We will help you to find out how much money you need to create or develop Your startup, when you will reach the e-business break-even point, which costs you will incur and what income you will make in the startup, as well as what return on investment from your Internet project you will make. With Budgetdeck the conversation with the investor is much easier!

Regardless which stage of the project you are on – the concept or a working startup, we can help you.

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Emilia Ostapowicz

Co-Founder Budgetdeck

Co-Founder of Budgetdeck mainly cooperates with small and medium companies on gaining funds for investments: Credit, external investor, European funds.

For 4 years it has been providing services to more than 80 companies, which it gathered the capital of the value of $14 million.

She advises, helps and invents how to finance the activities of online and technological startups. She prepares investment documents, creates analyses and financial prognosis, advises on creating business models.

Since 2011 it has been conducting a blog titled Startup in Numbers, where she describes how to build your own startup from the financial perspective. The author of articles published among all in MamStartup.pl i Mensis.pl as well as the mentor on startup events: Startup Pirates, Startup Sprint.

She pre-incubates projects in Xevin Lab - technology incubator formed by the Xevin Investments Fund.
CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and a shareholder in Migam.org - innovative automatic translator of the sign language – project rewarded among all by Richard Branson (creator of the Virgin Group).

Computer Geek who loves numbers and who is full of creativity and full of coffee, a great amount of coffee.


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budgetdeck startup investor VC BE anioł biznesu

Mariusz Ostapowicz

Co-Founder Budgetdeck

Entrepreneur and Software Developer. Winner of the Startup School - the first incubator for Internet entrepreneurs created by Rafał Agnieszczak (creator fotka.pl).

The participant of Customer Development workshops organized by SPIN - The School of entrepreneurship of the Innovation Nest Fund - created among all by Piotr Wilam (co-founder and a first president of Onet.pl).

Founder Daybite.com - application for people who want to eat healthy, be healthy, fit and for those who take care of their body. - interview about Daybite.com in TVN CNBC.

The creator of one of the biggest profiles in Poland on Pinterest.com - Ranking in NowyMarketing.pl

Founder Software House - CLOUDSS who takes care of the creation of web applications as well as mobile applications for Android system. He created SWOR type systems for Polish courts, systems for aithority offices as well as Digital Signage systems for the advertising market.

Incredible chatter, full of positive energy from early morning till night.


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budgetdeck startup investor VC BE anioł biznesu

Lidia Wysocka

Co-Founder Budgetdeck, Head of Sales

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